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Investment Products

North Star Capital Management’s objective is to provide exceptional long-term real returns for its clients by investing primarily in government/sovereign fixed income securities of global industrial, emerging and developed countries.   North Star Capital Management does not invest in corporate securities believing the sovereign markets provide a tremendous opportunity to earn attractive real returns without entering the arena of lower corporate credits and their inherent risks.

The North Star Capital Management investment philosophy is founded on the belief that rising global demand for capital, commodities, and labour will fuel inflation at a fast pace and exert upward pressure on real interest rates. The financial health of government balance sheets vary substantially throughout global economies which when combined with market volatility, will cause real interest rates to rise at a differing pace from country to country.  North Star Capital Management believes prevailing market conditions are ideal for capturing real interest rate returns. We strongly believe that investor loyalty is driven by our ability to deliver performance.  Consequently our funds have investor-friendly liquidity rules.