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Investment Products

The North Star Capital Management investment team uses a top-down approach in allocating investments to reflect its view on overall fixed income market direction across countries, as influenced by major economic trends and/or events. North Star Capital Management seeks out opportunities in government / sovereign fixed income securities to exploit converging and diverging real interest rates and real yield differential changes across countries. 

The selection process is dynamic, as it is constantly adapted to changing economic conditions in each country. North Star Capital Management’s investment team conducts a disciplined, consistent, ongoing investment process that monitors and analyzes various country attributes. These country attributes include trends in economic growth, national budget balances, monetary policy making, inflationary trends, political risks, other fundamental economic data, money market yield curves, government bond yield curves, real yield relationships between all other countries, foreign exchange developments and other fundamental and technical information and data associated with each country’s economy, government bond market and equity markets. The objective of our selection process is to short those countries that do not offer attractive, relative real interest rate value, and long those countries that do offer relative real interest rate value.

Currency risk is managed by North Star Capital Management. It seeks to ensure currency risk does not adversely impact its portfolios. From time to time North Star Capital Management believes extreme values in foreign exchange rates create an excellent return-enhancing opportunity, and in such cases, it will seek to realize such value.